Welcome to Danae HI!

Our goal is to democratize access to both art investment and the ownership of printed digital creations from acclaimed contemporary artists and designers working with new media.

We embrace the immaterial nature of computer files and differentiate artworks’ property from their physical renditions. What for? To create an ecosystem that equally benefits investors, private customers, businesses (real estate, hotels, interior designers), and museums.


How does it work?

Danae HI tokenizes artworks’ property for trade and valuation, which allows investors to buy fractions of an artwork, receive royalties on its exploitation, and achieve long-term capital appreciation. This system prevents excessive entry points on the market, illiquidity, and liability for insurance, storage, transport, and artwork preservation, as such making art investment accessible to all.

Meanwhile, high-quality versions of the artworks are edited on demand, at a fair price and in customizable sizes, materials, and media (2D/3D/VR/AR/etc.) – offering new possibilities for collectors, businesses, and museums wanting to decorate homes, offices, and other facilities, and organize exhibitions or interactive cultural mediations.

When and what?

Danae HI currently develops its platform with an expected launch in 2019. The ecosystem will present three categories of products and services: artwork tokens, editions, and curatorial/advisory services.


Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our work, acquire digital art or build an exhibition/mediation project around digital creation, feel free to contact us at hello@danaehi.com.

We also invite you to check our Medium page, Digital Art Weekly, as well as the website of our digital art gallery, Laffy Maffei Gallery, which acts as the first entity of Danae HI’s platform and already offers a large number of pieces from world-renown artists.

Have a great day and talk to you soon!

Danae HI’s Team